Monday, September 23, 2013

Manchester City 4 Manchester United 1

Tough and humiliating loss. The boys just didn't bring it tonight while City were absolutely up for it. At one point it looked as though THAT 6-1 humiliation two years ago would be equalled or even surpassed. Here're five reactions I have from this match.

1) RVP Injury
Once I knew RVP didn't even make the bench I was immediately demoralized. Suddenly we were that strong anymore. I'm sure the thigh injury yesterday also had a psychological impact on the team based on their performance.

2) Why Is Young Starting Games?
Sure he played well by HIS standards the last couple of games, but he still isn't first eleven material and today showed. We leaked no more goals an intact played more dominantly after Young was substituted by Cleverly. Granted he wasn't the worse performer up until the 4th goal was scored, but this guy should at best be an impact sub.

3) Kagawa And Nani Benched
Even with RVP out, Kagawa has no place in the first eleven. I don't quite get it. Similarly, a fit Nani would have been far better than both Young and Valencia today. They need to be given a shot in the next game.

4) Whole Team Sucked Up Till 4-0
Basically everyone played terrible. It was a lacklustre, timid performance. Alot of the goals were due to lacking of concentration and City punished us for it. Particularly disappointed (aside from Valencia and Young) with Fellaini given how much tougher his reputation is as a holding CM. Best performer by a mile was, sadly, Rooney.

5) We Lost The Tactical Battle
David Moyes better work on his high dryer treatment because his tactics failed him today. City were able to pick out our weak spot and exploit it over and over (Smalling at RB). Like I said earlier, almost all the goals were defensive lapses and City made us pay. That's being said, City were really strong as well.

Haiz. Hopefully we turn in a far better performance in our next game. This was terrible.


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