Monday, April 23, 2012

Manchester United 4 Everton 4

1. The manner of last night's draw was so traumatizing that I didn't sleep well last night. We went 0-1 down before Rooney scored before halftime to level the scores. Welbeck and Nani then scored in quick succession after the half to take it to 3-1. A good first-time volley from Fellaini made it 3-2. Rooney looked to wrap the game up at 4-2. Everton had other ideas, scoring through Jelavic and Pienaar in the final 10 minutes to send the away fans into raptures.

2. I'm amazed how softly we let the last two goals in, with Rafael and Evans at particular fault. It looked as though our entire defence was static at 4-2. Such was the complacency of the squad.

3. Last night's game featured devastating attack and very poor defending. Our forward line of Nani, Rooney, Welbeck and Valencia was about as good as it gets at showing how to score. They had a generally good game.

4. Defence was where most of the mistakes were made. Rafael, Evans, Ferdinand and Evra looked all over the place or static at times.

5. The Scholes-Carrick midfield combo is still by far our best, although they obviously tire come the 70th minute mark. Happened again last night.

6. The substitution of Jones for Scholes was puzzling. Not sure what SAF wanted to achieve with him in the midfield. We should have had Park on to shore up and protect the defence. Also timing of the substitution was questionable being so late on.

7. De Gea for once couldn't save us. He didn't make many saves and there was almost nothing he could do with all four goals.

8. Man Shitty beat Wolves later on 0-2 to relegate them and trim the lead at the top to 3pts with a superior goal difference.

9. So it's all to play for at the derby net weekend now. The result will determine the champions although I would expect Man Shitty to have it harder to do with Newcastle away and QPR home in the games after the derby. We've got Swansea home and Sunderland away. Given the manner of las nights draw when we really should have wrapped it up with a large goal difference, I get the feeling our boys won't be going into the derby with much confidence while the blue side looks very dominant now. It's somewhat worrying.

10. Basically a win next weekend will mean we retain the league for #20. A draw leaves us with a 3 point advantage where we should beat Swansea and at least draw at Sunderland. A loss would mean we all become Newcastle fans because Man Shitty would lead on goal difference.

Perhaps that's what makes the EPL so exciting :( Sometimes I wished it were less so.

GGMU!!! #20!!!

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