Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Manchester Derby

This is it.

This season's final Manchester derby is really gonna be a title decider.

I'm so excited about it that I think about it everyday. Sometimes fleetingly, sometimes more intensively, wondering how I should react if Manchester United should lose.

Then I read an article one of the many fansites I like to visit to ease my kicks. And he told it like it is.

How bloody exciting though.

Isn’t it fucking ace to feel such heightened emotions. Isn’t it special to have a thing or occasion in your life that matters so much. Of course it makes you feel a bit sick, or a lot sick even. It because it’s fucking visceral, man. It grabs you by the lapels like Eric Morecambe and shakes you awake. It’s the kind of thing that reminds you that you’re still properly alive and able to feel such feelings, when work and bills and work would have you slowly die.

So cherish this week. Cherish the hysteria that’s welling up inside you. Love it, love the crap out of it. Because some people never feel this. They just don’t. It’s great to be invested in something that makes you feel physically ill for caring. And it may sound dramatic, but you might not experience something like this ever again. So be
glad it’s happening.

The love of a football club is like any other love. It really isn’t a victory march. But you’ve got to be all in and be prepared to have your heart broken and smashed to bits, otherwise it’s no love at all. Enjoy the anticipation, and the potential beauty of what could be. Even if it could turn out shit. Because it’s what we endure all the
hours of blandness for. Stuff that truly matters.

There are times I wonder why I feel so strongly for Manchester United. I wasn't born there, never lived there, and haven't even been there once in my life yet. Much less visited Old Trafford. Maybe its the way they play, maybe its the culture of the club, maybe its the DNA of the club that's rubbed off, maybe its the players and maybe its even the gaffer. And yet it does fester. That feeling I never could describe well enough. Perhaps one day I could better verbalize this feeling.

Monday's game is gonna be huge man. And I really can't wait. Why? I think it can only be explained by what Scott wrote as quoted above. Its a rollercoaster ride supporting a club this passionately, but its something to cherish, this feeling.

I hope we win. I really do. But I fear.



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