Sunday, April 08, 2012

Manchester United 2 Queens Park Rangers 0

1. A win is a win regardless. Even if that Ashley Young push wasn't and he was in an offside position.
2. I think in the first 10min we had 92% possession vs 8%. This game was a total walk in the park after that incident.
3. Scholes was massive today. Totally dominated the midfield AND scored our 2nd goal. Legend.
4. As much as many people think Welbeck is not good enough, I'd beg to differ. His off-the-ball running is great, he's relentless, and he's always pushing himself. His only fault is his poor finishing, given the amount of chances he's been given.
5. Valencia was still very good today, even if he's not at his best.
6. Our central defenders, Evans and Ferdinand were rock-solid and reliable once again. De Gea had hardly anything to do today.
7. We definitely should have won by a larger margin if not for the post denying Rafael and Carrick.
8. Speaking about Rafael, he's a good player but there are times when you wonder what he's thinking making stupid ball decisions and rash tackles.
9. Nice to see Cleverly come on. He just needs a steady run of games to begin imposing himself. Hope he features more!
10. 8pts ahead with City playing Arsenal at the Emirates. I'm gonna be a Gunners fan for the next 90min. Slow and steady, one game at a time picking those wins one by one and #20 is ours!


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