Monday, April 16, 2012

Manchester United 4 Aston Villa 0

1. Coming out of yesterday's statement-making win by Man City, 1-6 winners at Norwich, we definitely couldn't afford anything else other than a win today at home.
2. We definitely played much better today than on Wednesday against Wigan where we lost 0-1.
3. Big ups to Paul Scholes. Simply put, we win when he's in the line-up. Legend. Our Carrick-Scholes partnership is currently our strongest by far.
4. Welbeck also deserves mention for his tenacity and drive. You just can't fault the boy for trying and I'm really glad he got a goal today.
5. Ashley Young got us off to a good start with a 7th minute penalty. I must say it's a really soft penalty given, so scoring tons was important to keep the ABUs off our backs.
6. Aside from Rafael, the defence and de Gea were fantastic as usual.
7. Valencia and Rooney didn't have a very exceptional game even if Rooney scored two today.
8. Berbatov. I've only got good things to say about him, and it was nice to see him come on even though everyone knows he'll be sold in the summer.
9. Everton will be a tougher opponent than Villa so hopefully we win by a similar scoreline next weekend.
10. 5pts ahead with 4 games to go. You can't but feel optimistic about #20. let's hope we get there sooner rather than later.


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