Monday, December 26, 2011

840th Blog Post

Do you know how long I've been blogging? Since 24th Feb 2004. That's almost 8 years now.

Got abit nostalgic so decided to read some of my earlier posts.


I had huge fun during my uni days. Days of wanton alcohol and excessive fun. Here's a classic mambo night that I managed to capture in a blogpost way back in '04.

the male ego is a very fragile but huge one, one that can easily be swayed by sheer machoismo and peer taunting. throw in the fact that we were pumped up for alcohol, and you'd get everyone just trying to verbally outdo the other in regards to just how much each of us can manage.

back to the flaming... so we marched to the bar and ordered our lambourghinis. one each first. $11.50 a pop (normal $23). cheap shit. everyone downs their cuppa pretty simply, till guoxin takes it. he chokes. no go. didn't finish, hongwei finishes it for him. poor sod. so guoxin's out of the picture. he's quite gone and you can see from his face that he's already up there at the higher level waiting for the rest of us.

the frail ego is easily overcomed and we decide a second one would be a piece of cake, i mean honestly i was still feeling quite alright. so leon and i take a double. finished. still good. for a moment i thought i wasted my money not able to feel high after two flamers, but the burning sensation told me the hammer would knock soon. hongwei could'nt find a partner to share a double, so leon takes it with him. 3rd for leon. downs it with ease. wow.

I think back then my blog posts were more amusing and personal compared to now.

Oh well.

We all grow up.

Hopefully I'll continue to maintain this blog for a long long time to come.

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