Saturday, December 31, 2011

Manchester United 2 Blackburn 3

1. Worst game I've watched all year. We were so complacent that everyone looked like they were strolling in the first half.
2. Playing everyone out of position was gonna cost us at some point. And Rafael as CM was really asking for it.
3. Our defense is terrible. I don't even know where to start but it reminded me of the Man City thrashing.
4. We've lost two games this season and both were at home. Something is wrong.
5. David de Gea cannot handle long shots and now corners. Firstly, punching is extremely unsettling. Then missing the punch is worse.
6. Rooney was in the directors box, Giggs didn't even make the bench. We had the firepower but we didn't use it. Once again, complacency.
7. SAF definitely got it wrong on his 70th birthday.
8. Berbatov was the only bright spark. I was hoping he'd get a hat trick, but it was not to be.
9. I have to watch all the other big teams win their matches now. That hurts.
10. Thankfully, we are at the midpoint of the season. We may have lost this match, but we will still win the league!


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