Monday, December 12, 2011

3rd Gym Session Of The Season

JUST finished a session of Bodycombat at the gym. I think apart from almost punching myself in the face, almost getting kicked in the face by the lady beside me, and almost smashing my face on the glass panel after slipping on the sweat-drenched floor, I did pretty well to survive.

The only sucky part is the lunchtime gym crowd is very small so it's very easy for the instructor to single you out everytime you fuck things up. And it doesn't help if they behave suspiciously gay; like when he stared at me saying, "You're not bending low enough!". I mean, go single out that fat auntie beside me FFS! She wasn't even bending at all!

Nonetheless I nonchalantly shrug these insinuations off.

If I can make this a weekly habit I'm sure my cholesterol levels will drop significantly.

Now let's see if I can keep this grueling schedule up for another week.

It's time for some salad lunch!


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