Sunday, August 14, 2011

Presidential Elections 2011

We have the Singapore Presidential elections this year.

It is the most hotly contested elections since inception. There are 4 contenders for the post and all have the same surname. Here're some thoughts off my head of each candidate:

Tony Tan
Former DPM. Probably most respected of the lot. Has PAP's endorsement. His hair alone might win him the Presidency.

Tan Cheng Bok
Ex-MP. Unfortunately I wasn't so politically savvy in the 80s and 90s to even remember him. Apparently makes fiery speeches. Trying to come off as an independent.

Tan Jee Say
Ex-PMO to GCT. Contested under the SDP banner in the last GE for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC which lost considerably to Vivian Balakrishnan and team. Face of Opposition. Has been endorsed by most opposition parties.

Tan Kin Lian
Ex-CEO of NTUC Income. Only candidate not to have contested in a GE. Started as an independent but has since drifted to the opposition camp. Most vocal against many government policies.


Personally, I want a President who can maintain and uphold the dignity of the said office, even relative to the existing government and Singapore as a nation, in the eyes of the world. What I do not want, is a President who will potentially be speaking out of line away from the government and setting a polarized tone each time he opens his mouth. Furthermore, I want a President who looks like a president in the eyes of the people. Someone that the majority can respect, and look up to. It's obviously subjective, but I want someone that most respected institutions endorse. That's because I will see his face in every school, government institution, stat board that I will ever visit for the next 5 years. And his wife's face too!

Remember, this is not the GE. This is the PE. Two different roles altogether. While the opposition has gained much inroads during this year's GE, riding on the back of anti-PAP sentiment, I do not expect anything less than a PAP-endorsed win here.

This is also where the smarter Opposition play their cards right, in preparation of GE2016. Notice that the WP have remained somewhat out-of-the-picture? And they have all to gain for this. Because, they will keep mum and respect whichever outcome since either way goes well for them. If Tony Tan wins, they look good for having taken the practical route and not trying to stir local on-the-ground sentiment, instead showing cordial respect to the existing cabinet. If anyone else wins, they will play up their Opposition card. And who else but they have the largest and only Opposition representation in cabinet?

The biggest losers will potentially be the ultra-liberals, SDP and NSP. Especially if they keep shooting their mouths off, cajoling everyone to vote for change or for someone wanting to speak for the people. They will be in for a very rude shock come the next GE.

Note to Nicole Seah: Please quit the NSP already! Join a less liberal Opposition and gun for an SMC next term!

Hence my vote goes to Dr Tony Tan. White hair, Brylcream et al.

Epic win coming our way. Someone will not be getting his election deposit back that's for sure.

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