Sunday, August 28, 2011

Conspiracy Theory In The SDP

So it dawned upon me that a new conspiracy theory might have hatched with this year's PE.

Isn't there a possibility that TJS is actually a troll planted by the PAP to destroy CSJ?

Let's look at what's going for him:
A) Appeared out of nowhere 4mths ago in the GE contesting under the SDP banner. Major coup for SDP as he was once in the PMO.
B) In his PE campaigns, came across as aggressive and confrontational. Just like you know who.
C) Mentioned after losing last night, that at least he achieved a Certificate of Eligibility out of all this. This means to say he was never in it to win it at all.
D) Thanks to the PE, he now commands a higher level of popularity among the hardcore opposition than CSJ.

This paves the way for him to contest CSJ for the post if Sec-gen of SDP.

Haha. Just a Sunday theory,

Let's see what plays out in GE2016.

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