Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Long Leave

On leave all week. Yet I feel like going back office to clear some emails perhaps. Its boring at home all alone after awhile of cleaning up and packing up. And there's only so much Facebook and computer games I can play. Monitor the share and fx markets...

Went to the dentist yesterday. Ended up having to do a filling on the back of my two front teeth. Now they feel kinda weird. Luckily everything still looks normal. Guess I have to heed the doc's orders and floss more from now on. $210 bucks man. Lucky can claim. Phew.

Should be going back to office tomorrow before going for the BRPS SAC meeting at Far East Plaza. What a weird place for a meeting to share PSLE results. Haha. Hope they did well this year to compliment the better performance by neighbourhood schools.

Meeting Tsen Yeow/Thomas on Thursday for dinner, since he's back for a one week leave like myself.

Friday is the department Strategy meeting. Sounds like fun. Hur.

Watched The Twighlight Saga: Newmoon on Sunday. Super kiddie show although I kinda enjoyed it, since I never read the books. The wifey read the first book and didn't find this very exciting though. It's always the case that the books are better than the movies. I dunno why. But still its nice the watch a visualisation after all. Go Team Jacob!

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