Friday, November 27, 2009

Down Memory Interchange

The day started with breakfast at Ya Kun at Compasspoint, casually reading today's papers. It's Hari Raya today so its a public holiday! Then we went to buy contact lenses and since we were at the shop, I finally decided that the people were nice enough to help me make a set of new glasses. Ended up changing my glasses AND making a pair of reading glasses. All for less than my transition glasses years ago. Total was $329 which the wifey paid for! Thanks for the early Christmas pressie dear! Hee! On top of that, we got a free $20 voucher and a Sesame Street umbrella!

Then we decided to head to the Singapore Expo, where SITEX was held, by bus. There wasn't any direct bus to the Expo from Sengkang, so we took the next best option, Bedok. And bus number 87 took us there, interchange to interchange. Bus ride was 40minutes in total.

Wah, when we reached Bedok interchange, it felt like I was taken back to my secondary school days. Hardly anything has changed over there, the whole place still looks the same, crowded as ever. In fact things got so nostalgic that we decided to eat there! The old mutton soup stall was there, the chwee kuay stall was there, even the Hollywood dessert stall auntie was the same! Still long queue somemore! Delicious stuff.

Afterthat we took the MRT to the Expo. Wah, it was so so so crowded man. People mountain, people sea. Took us almost 15mins just to walk to the first hall. Managed to buy what I wanted: a Toshiba 320GB portable harddisk. In fact we even almost bought an auctioned LG TV! Full HD, free wall-mounting, free DVDplayer, free trolley, all for $599! Super cheap right?! Amazing. But somehow it was fated that we didn't buy it. :)

Then it was so crowded on the way back that we took the train up to Changi Airport instead. Walked around for awhile before taking a taxi to the parents place. Then we went to Marine Terrace for dinner and finally back home.

What a fruitful day.

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