Thursday, December 31, 2009

Farewell 2009, And Good Riddance!

In trying to keep up with tradition by reviewing my resolutions from the year gone by, here's a review for resolutions 2009 . I'm sure everyone's heard me complain about what a lousy year 2009 has been for me already and its no lie. It has been seriously bad from alot of angles.

But without going into the negatives and focusing on the positives instead, it has been a year of learning, reflection and growth. If anything, 2009 probably marks the year that I focus on becoming a better person within, realising what the priorities of my life are, and trully valuing the value of money. And that definitely is a silver lining to take away from 2009.

This year, I've added a pass/fail marker at the end of each reso.

So without further a due...

1) Eat Healthier
I would like to think that this has improved. But the reality is that it has stayed status quo at best. Mcdonald's Monopoly promotion in the 4th quarter seriously didn't help one bit. There were at least 2-3 days where I had fast food for all my meals then. And I never won anything with those stupid property stubs. FAIL

2) Improve Level of Exercise
This one was going well until April during one of those indoor futsal games when a clumsy opponent fell and somehow channeled all his body weight to his shoulder, which collided with the side of my knee. I was lucky to get away with just a sprain, given all the rupturing noise, but it was aggravated once more several months after, thereby rendering my competitive soccer career over. I now settle for Saturday pick up games with old friends for my weekly exercise. Oh, and I haven't been to the gym in 2 months. FAIL

3) Spend More Time With Family
I think this one should pass lah. I really do party much less (about once a week at best) and spend more time at home. Even though the entertainment room hasn't become reality yet. It is a good thing to do. PASS

4) Make More Money From Investments
Whoa. This one I have to bravely raise up my hand up high holding a white flag and admit that I failed. Spectacularly somemore. Almost everything I invested in turned to dust. It wasn't pretty at all. All I can hope for is that 2010 will be better hopefully. Else, I will also be trading alot less, just to be safe. FAIL

5) Less Alcohol Consumption
This is somewhat tied to point 3. Since I party less, I obviously drink less. Less alcohol is also better for me, and it looks like this will continue into the new year :) I've still got several cans of Tiger and Heineken from 2008 if anybody wants! PASS

Well I won't go into any economic analysis this year (even though I was pretty accurate last year!). Instead, I strongly recommend everyone to read the Top 10 Outrageous Economic Predictions by Saxo Bank! Although I don't think this year's predictions are as outrageous as last year's ($200 oil, Ron Paul for President anyone?), they are pretty interesting nonetheless.

That's all folks, as we wave goodbye to 2009! Me and the wifey will be heading to Marina Bay for the countdown later tonight to celebrate the new year IN STYLE (and with a bang!). Let's hope we have fun!

Happy 2010!

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