Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sengkang Is Getting Waaaaaaaaaay Too Crowded

I've seen this in Jurong Point. Tampines. AMK. But Sengkang??!

Here are the top 7 signs that Sengkang is getting way too crowded:

1) Going to work and coming home, it is impossible to get a seat on the train, even though Sengkang's the second-last stop along the NEL.

2) Once you get off the train, gotta wait 5mins just queuing up for the escalator ride up to the surface.

3) Every restaurant has a queue that stretches outside its premises. Every single one of them (Except Jia Xiang Mian)!

4) Every ATM within the vicinity has a long queue.

5) 3 AXS machines and still there's always a super long queue (wassup with that D-pay shit anyway?).

6) Gotta queue up for all the escalators?!

7) Even ang mos are living here too?!

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