Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy Weekend

Another lazy weekend for me.

Went to Boon Keng with the wifey for brunch today. Got to see what a wet market is like. Sengkang's gonna have one soon in December this year (hopefully there're no delays). If its as good as the one in Boon Keng then ho say liao! Its like a half wet market and half hawker centre. Just what we need around here. And maybe a cinema.

The Sunday Times also ran an article about how Sengkang has lost its "ulu" tag. Weird. I thought that was lost 2 years ago when we moved in already. Now I think Sengkang's getting too much publicity. Soon we'll end up like Tampines or Bishan and there goes and nice calm residential charm that I grew to like. And ironically maybe that will prompt us to move back east. Mandarin Gardens?

How time flies.

Its almost two years since we moved into this neighbourhood. And initially I didn't really like the place. Really wanted to stay in the east. But then now I can't even be certain that we'll move out once we're eligible to buy property again in 3 years time. Like I mentioned, this place has got its own charm. Hmmm...

Oh and today I bought my own little R2-D2 robot. Haha, at least it really looks like it! Aiyah its just a aircon fan that can at least blow cold air at me when I go to bed. Don't ask me why I don't switch the aircon on instead :P.

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