Tuesday, September 01, 2009

End Of August

Spent the weekend celebrating the wifey's birthday.

Started with dinner at Timbre@Substation. We had nice soup, pizza and fish&chips. Alas, we wanted to enjoy the live music there but the first set of musicians started only at 10pm. Xianz. So we left to search some other place. Food was really good though!

Ended up in Holland Village intending to check out Wala Wala. Had a sumptuous plate of fruits at the hawker center before walking over. But turns out the
live music was by a local hard metal group. Kinda too loud for us, all that screaming and shouting. So we headed off to do something else instead.

Went to Great World City to watch The Proposal. Wifey's choice, naturally. Turned out to be pretty ok, except the plot's a little too far-fetched. Oh, and Sandra Bullock is too old lah. Gimme Jessica Alba any day.

Then it was time for the Man U Arsenal game! Luckily the wifey didn't mind catching it so late. We watched it at Man U corner, Marquee@Far East Sq. Great game with Man U coming from behind to win 2-1. We played like shite and still manage to nick all 3 points. True mark of champions. We'd better improve from here though. Bring on Anderson!

Sunday I was brought to the most horrendous baby shower! Never felt so off before. Shant elaborate more here but it was just bad lah.

Evening we did family steamboat at the In-laws! Tasty and healthy food!

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