Monday, August 24, 2009

KL Whirlwind

Spent the weekend travelling up to KL for Jon’s wedding.

Was a really tiring trip indeed. Caught the 1130pm bus at Golden mile on Friday night with the wifey and siblings. Reached around 430am. Took a taxi to Prince Hotel and bunked in the parents room for the next six hours, totally beat. Next morning 11am we get up and out for Jon’s tea ceremony. Meet the relatives et al. Was fun, and got to catch up with my two fav cousins. Afterthat we took a break walking the Bukit Bintang area for a quick shop around till 4plus. Then back to room to sleep. Slept till 7pm and then back down to the Grand Ballroom for the wedding proper. Cousins got a whole table to ourselves. Caught up with Grace and boyfriend as well. Wedding ended around 11plus, hung around until and the guests were gone. Got back to room around 12plus. Next morning wake at 10am for breakfast. Bumped into new cousin in law (the bride), Regina. Had breakfast together with family. Back to room for a bath and rest. Check out at 2pm. Berjaya Times Square for KFC lunch and then on the bus back. Reach Singapore around 8plus. Reached home around 10 after late dinner with wifey at Buangkok.

Was a total whirlwind of a trip but somehow it was really fun because its been awhile since we all hung out as a family overseas and its been even longer since we hung out with the relatives. Great fun no doubt!

Oh and did I mention that celebrity Jamie Yeo is technically my cousin-in-law now?

Small world.

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