Saturday, August 08, 2009

Long Weekend

Yay! The long weekend is here! So happy. Its been a long and tiring week at work. Sigh. I can see we're all getting numb to the things that happen in office these days.

Was at this Okinawan restaurant called Mimigar last night having a sumptuous dinner treat from the boss of the place. He had played golf with us the weekend prior so it was nice to have him serve us a wonderful array of different dishes, some even off the menu. We ended the night really high on sake and even have a bottle left there if we ever bring our wives! :)

The wifey wrote a pretty interesting take on our property hunt that led to our purchase in SengKang. So I've plagiarized it for your reading pleasure (lousy grammar et al :P), thanks dear!

these days, the hot topic amongst frens is how property prices is shooting up like crazy and how unaffordable HDB flats are. during such conversations, i always thot to myself how lucky i was to be over that flat hunting phase. it can get quite tedious and torturous. & whenever me n boss are at the topic, i will remind him how lucky he is to have a wifey with such great foresight, & knew immediately that this is the unit to get & how lousy the one he liked better is. well, besides my constant reminder, we also have our dear neighbours to remind us again and again (even though we have moved in for near 2yrs) that we are damn lucky to get this unit at this price. yesh! they still rem how much we get this unit for! wah liew!!!

ok, to be frank, back then when we were hunting for a unit, SK was like the very last on the list, just above SBW. but after checking out the prices and stuff, and being practical and realistic pple, it dawned upon us that with the $ that we have, we can never get any unit in the prime areas (like AMK or TPY or anywhere in the east). the nearest we can get is SK which smacks right between both sides. and we got quite lucky...

yah lah. this place is not perfect lah. our unit is, simple and... orbit to put it bluntly. no ID, no theme, no nothing. keke! & no one has yet to break the record of not getting lost when coming to our place! but other than that, this place is not TAT bad what! we have the famous CP, a Kopitiam Hub which is 8 mins walk away, a wet market which is 6mins walk away (another upcoming one nearby), a swimming complex with slides! we are just 3 mins from the KPE and 9 from the CTE. what more can you ask for??? or lah.. the only thing tat is lacking is ONLY a cinema!!!!

eh, machiam a sales speech. whatever... dun think i will ever be able to convince anyone to move here. shall not try too hard.. hee! this is a place where u will love it only when u r living in it! yeah! i love sk!!! :)

So yeah, I love SengKang too. And it helps that I'm a 5min walk away from the MRT, where you can get to town faster by train than by car. Now hopefully we can see our home price skyrocket!!!

National Day's just a day away! So excited. Can't wait to participate in Pledge Moment at 8.22pm where I will do my part and recite the pledge as well (I can recite the whole thing lor! Dun play play!). Plus I heard the NDP is really good this year. And please go memorize this year's NDP song "What Do You See"! Its just awesomely hummable!

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