Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yo Joe!

Watched GI Joe yesterday. Loved it! Especially those of you growing up and playing those toys back then, really action packed man! Can't wait for part 2! Only part I'm not sure is the whole Anna - Duke - Rex saga. Was that really part of the origins?

Friday went to celebrate Yipeng's birthday. Told us he's bought a place in the East! Big congrats bro. Dinenr at Waraku. Proceeded to IndoChine's icebar for two shots of vodka each afterthat. Then finally to the Reverse Bungee which they both chickened out. What a bummer.

Sprained my knee on Thursday playing soccer against BT Singapore FC. It got even suckier that we were leading 5-2 at some point and then ended up losing 5-6. Tamade!

Went to Changi General Hospital A&E for an x-ray right after the match. Who would have thought that that tedious process would take 2hrs?! Geez. Ok lah at least it was cheap. Luckily no fracture. Yesterday went back to the regular AMK sinseh to rub. Even he is starting to nag at me. Haiz. Time to quit the game perhaps?

Me and wifey have got season passes to this year's F1! We're gonna be at the floating platform grandstand! Let me know if you're gonna be there! Damn excited about it although the wifey is a little lukewarm. Hopefully the atmosphere is exciting enough to perk her up when race weekend comes!

Reminds me of that story Lasse told me about the poor camera assistant he came across when he attended the race last year. She was carrying tons of camera gear and had no ear plugs on, right beside the track (with the photographer of course!). And then the cars came roaring by and she couldn't free her hands to cup her ears, she ended up in gyrating spasms each time the cars raced by. Haha...damn funny to imagine.

Heading to KL with the whole family next weekend for Jon's wedding with his long time gf! Leaving on Friday night and staying over near KLCC. Excited! Whole family's gonna be there.

Watched 6 consecutive hours of EPL last night. Not good for life balance (and wifey didn't end up very happy). Maybe that's why I never did subscribe to cable. I'd grow into a true-blue couch potato if I did. It's going to be a very exciting league this season!

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