Monday, September 21, 2009

Back From Bangkok

Was over there for business. Surprisingly, we hardly had any news about the red-shirts protest that apparently happened. All 20,000 of them protestors and we never heard a thing. The only thing that really did affect the seminars was the huge-ass thunderstorm on the second day in Bangkok. Otherwise it was an okay trip.

Happened to catch the last 5 minutes of the Manchester United - Manchester City clash at the airport upon arrival. It was 2-2 on the plane when we landed, and then when we docked it was 3-2 and I thought we'd won. By the time we got through the baggage check it was 3-3, 90th minute liao. Xianz. Then, Owen pops up with his goal from a perfect Giggsy pass. And suddenly we were screaming our heads off just outside the baggage check area. Think it scared the shit out of everyone around there!

Went home damn happy!

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