Monday, May 11, 2009

Golfing Weekend

Was at Laguna Bintan on Saturday playing golf with the company people. Think I'm really getting into the game. Somemore my knee felt ok and wasn't that painful with the kneeguard on.

Played my best round ever. Think I was really on form. What with the trauma of the Ambassador's Cup having spurred my to reach for better scores and not be laughed at anymore. For auditing purposes, I've attached the scorecard below. First time I've achieved a score of 106! Amazing and tied with Eugene somemore!

I know its small (couldn't be bothered to touch up), so just click on the image to enlarge :)

Next target, below 100!

Market's been going up crazily. Hoping for it to crash soon. What goes up must come down. Today's a good taste.

Mother's day buffet last night at Ikoi @ Miramar Hotel. Awesome stuff. Ate till I was full to the point of bursting. Then today buffet at Swissotel Merchant Court (durian pengat?). Died. No one in their right frame of mind should EVER have buffet on consecutive days. Wifey's in pain.

New Zealand here we come! Five more days to go! Flying off early Saturday morning!

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