Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 6: Wellington

Weather here is seriously getting colder by the day. Its 9degrees celcius even though its still autumn and even on the radio they're saying its an unusually cold autumn.

Its been a helluva trip so far! And this is the first place I can find enough time and have fast enough internet speed to blog. Else the computers are WAY too slow and we're in the mountains here and there. Even radio reception gets bad every one or two mountain passes away.

So far we've headed south as planned from Auckland to Coromandel to Whitianga to Tauranga to Rotorua to Lake Taupo to Turangi to Whanganui and finally to Wellington.

Finally bungy jumped at Taupo Bungy. Was an awesome experience. So awesome I spent even more money buying the DVD and photos of my jumps, which cost more than the actual jump itself. Tamade.

Saw some amazing, breathtaking scenary there but from the looks of it, there's gonna be more to come. Met some amazing people as well. I can't say all New Zealanders are friendly, but most of them are to say the least.

Ok I thnkmy ship's finally arrived. Stupid Interislander ride to the South Island was delayed by two hours. Threatening to screw up our driving plans. Its on to Lailoura once we reach Picton. Whale-watching here we come!

Call me on my private mobile cuz if anybody needs me. Can't seem to get any Blackberry reception at all here.


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