Monday, December 29, 2008

This Was Supposed To Be A Happy Post

But I just received news of the passing of a friend. He wasn't the closest of pals and we hardly met up even, but when we did he'd always have the best stories. Over beers we'd talk about the intrigue of Mongolian chicks in Beijing and everything else that shook the world. I was even supposed to plan a trip to go visit him sometime soon. Haiz. A huge loss to us. Rest in peace, buddy. Stay young always.

Had a quiet Christmas. Spent Christmas eve watching movies on 5 with the wifey at home over some maggie mee. Christmas day was at Jinde's wedding rehersal and then we hosted a tiny Christmas party for the wifey's ex-colleagues. Got a really nice Man U t-shirt in the gift exchange. I like! Boxing day was a blah day at work followed by a gathering at Bock Lian's place with the uni mates. Nice catching up, albeit the boys spending most of the time watching Man U edge out Stoke City by a Tevez goal.

Saturday was Jinde's wedding. I was his best man and tried to live up to that. Gate crashing was possibly the easiest and least painful ever. No chilli, no wasabe, no sweat. Fun nonetheless. Church ceremony was pleasant and then the dinner went by without incident. My best man speech was quite well received although I suppose if I had mumbled even less, the laughter would've been louder.

Oh well, I can't really say much out of my head right now. Still absorbing the news that came just a while ago.

Life is short and unpredictable. Love, enjoy and treasure it while you can.

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