Thursday, December 11, 2008

Super Sized Hungry

Skipped dinner earlier before I went for soccer so I'm one ultra hungry hippo tucking into my mushroom swiss meal right now.

Xianz...lost to JP Morgan 1-5. Thanks John and Jannick for coming to help beef up our squad today. I thought we played pretty well against a top-of-the-table team, though we let in a couple of silly goals. Haiz.

Went to buy new Wii games last weekend and I've been hooked on this game called Tank, together with the wifey! Damn fun!

Manchester United's through to the quarter-finals of UCL.

December is a blah month for work. Everyone's going on leave all over the place. I'm clearing leave here and there too.

Saturday going to Bintan for Saxo golf once again!

Going to Macau next week! Whoot! Super looking forward.

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