Monday, December 01, 2008

Kissing Me Gentingly

Genting was awesome fun with da boyz(Brandon, Youlong and Ben)!!

Spent most of it gambling though. Haha. We tried almost everything. Every table and every game, we sat and tried at least once, trying to maximize the points earned with the Genting WorldCard.

In the end got saved by a HUGE(by my standards) bet during a drunken stupor at 4am. Was at the Pontoon table and had $150 of chips in hand. Suddenly felt the rush to go all-or-nothing. So I piggybacked what looked like a seasoned veteran and threw the whole pile of chips in. But he drew a grand total of 10 with both cards, so we had to double-up! I had to scurry to find another $150from my wallet just to let the game continue. And the 3rd card was a 4! Cui! I thought we blew it, only for the banker to go bust! Whoot!! The whole table shouted "Ah Pek!!" in unison, and cheered a collective hoorah when it WAS a picture! Walked away from the table with $600 afterthat. Shiok.

Ended up with only 4hrs of sleep and a 9hr ride back to Singapore all because we wasted 1 good hour at one of those touristy buy-local-food scamshops, and spent another 2 hours stuck in the 2nd link jam. Haiz.

Its our first year anniversary for me and the wifey!!! Whoot! Love you dear!

Sis is in Dubai for the whole month!

Farewell drinks with Kevin Ashby tomorrow(sad to seeya go, boss)!

Time to tidy up the house abit!

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