Monday, December 31, 2007

A Look Back At Resolutions For 2007

Its New Year's eve and I'm gonna be spending it with the wifey and the wifey alone, in a couple of hours time!

Our (My) grand masterplan is to go to the Marina Bay Golf Course at 11+ , by which time I'm expecting it to be closed. From the 3rd and 4th stories of the driving range, you can get a good view of Marina Bay (else the name?) and the city. Hopefully there arn't too many people as brilliant as my good self. A nice snack (unhealthy potato chips and beverage) should top up the night to be a memorable one.

Dun copy me ah!

Anyway, at the beginning of the year, I came up with my 2007 resolutions. Luckily I have only three and I can look back and say that I've met most of them (2/3 isn't too bad!).

1. Succeeded! Only because I drive less too.

2. This one I didn't meet. Almost, but didn't. But I'm happy with my performance anyways.

3. Succeeded! Myaybe I'm maturing.

Well, I'll be coming up with my 2008 resos soon so watch this space! Meanwhile I gotta give up the computer for the wifey to write her final blog of 2007 too!

Cya 2007, happy new year everyone!!!

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