Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Resolutions 2008

Happy new year everyone!

A new year has begun so lets hope its a better one for me!

I've given my resolutions quite some thought and decided to settle with the following resolutions that I want to achieve.

1) Drink less alcohol - This is quite a no brainer considering that since I started my current job in late '06, my drinking habits have mutated from occasional (once or twice a month) to heavy (one or twice a week) to washed up (more than thrice a week). Its tough keeping a tight lid on myself considering my boyz' partying ways, but sooner or later there needed to come a choking point. Friday, 14th Dec, 2007 was THAT day. I hope we have reached the peak in alcohol consumption. Things can only get better from here. Aim is to drink/party no more than twice a month.

2) Exercise more - I can't help but tie this in together with point 1. More time spent partying and drinking = less time spent exercising. And drinking is bad for my tummy while exercising is good of course. Even street soccer saturdays have failed to keep my ever-expanding waistline in check. I currently weigh in at a hefty 80kg. Aim is to perspire for half an hour at least twice a week (sex will not count!) and keep my weight below 80kg.

3) Eat healthier - This one the wifey had to add. A stressful job requires fast food. And fastfood is what I almost always eat. I probably have enough Macdonald's member points to redeem 11 cheeseburgers last I checked. Luckily the company provides ample fruit for snacky consumption in the office. Aim is to eat at home or eat hawker food more and have one fruit a day.

4) Earn more money #1- No resolution compilation of mine will be complete without something about my money! 2007 was a stellar year for me earnings-wise, and I hope the momentum continues! Making hay while the sun shines at work and trying to lift the low salary I'm getting will be continued into 2008. Aim is to earn 30% more than in 2007.

5) Earn more money #2 - While one hand gets, the other hand gives. To the market, that is. A stellar year in earnings has been offset by a lousy year in investments. Stock purchases have done pretty poorly throughout 2007 and I would've ended the year quite bloodied in the red, frankly, if not for one super purchase. Worse still was the foray into Forex which is burned my pockets deep and am only beginning to turn up. Still very much in the red nonetheless. And don't even bother talking about savings (cash in hand) for I have hardly any. (especially after the purchase of house & furniture). Aim is to earn a 10% yield on the total sum of all invested funds.

Thats it for 2008. All quite realistic and attainable, hopefully with enough will I can push myself to greater heights!

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