Sunday, January 13, 2008

Muddy Muddy LC

Posted by the wifey:

yes.. my ultimate name is LC :)

it's sunday again & boss & i were down at the SK field for our ultimate game *beams* early this morning we received news that we have a change in team. negative thots clouded our minds - were we so lousy that the previous team requested us to be out of their team? is the new team gg to be ok? are the pple gg to be frenly? would it be awkward to see the old team?

the thots all fall into place when we were there. the old team mates weren't aware that we are off the team (though i cannot be sure if they were happy to hear the news from us)... later the afternoon, after our game with the new team, we bumped into jason who apologied to us, telling us that he hope we wun think he purposely wanted or requested us out... and so i faked the "yah lor.. we were so upset cos we thot u guys dun wan us" keke..

the new team turned out to be good. :) lots of young pple who focused on the basics and the fundamentals. they were all damn pro so in a way there isn't much of a pressure when i dun really contribute, cos somehow i know if i play lousy, the others will just cover up. :p 4 girls today means lots of running... and they all thot i could run well and so kept asking me to watch the good runners.. i nearly puke from the running and my blister is getting from bad to worse...

couple of cute guys too! guess that is the main and super plus point! there is this guy with a weird name (cannot remember how to spell) who is damn pro and so cute!!! gosh!!! *blush* was talking to boss about it after the game and he commented that i was semi flirting with him... gosh! was it really so obvious?! keke!!! yeah!!!

got to go bathe liaoz... and this is the part that i hate!!! got to do all the washing of the mud-filled shirt, shorts, shoes and socks... wuah!!!

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