Sunday, April 07, 2019

Operation Dagger

So we ventured to this place one night last week. It is supposedly a new popular underground speakeasy bar thingy.

Well tucked in the midst of Ann Siang Hill at Club Street, when we finally found it, it was really secluded and dinghy.

The entrance was at a back alley by the side of a dumpster and then you had to walk down to a basement via a dodgy staircase.

Upon finding the bar, we were pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of the place. Prices are expensive but for the ambience, the effort with the chic decor, I guess it was an experience to be had.

The drinks menu was stated without the alcohol so that it will be a surprise.

I ended up having the Why Try So Hard - which tasted like cough syrup. Akin to the bartender asking himself the same question when making a drink for a patron. Other drinks were definitely more interesting.

Check out their website here.

Here are some pictures.

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