Sunday, April 28, 2019

Fatherhood Reflections LX - Mega Memory

Today I was casually sitting outside my kids' enrichment school minding my own business when my daughter ran out, saw me and shouted that my son had done something amazing and he was rewarded with a free prize worth 40 Heguru points (one of those encouragement points that you end up changing for toys).

At first I thought he'd amass these points based on the accumulative work he had done in class, as he always did get double digit points already.

Then my daughter showed me exactly what he did and I was totally shocked.

My son was able to memorize and then write out all three lines of numbers correctly after being given only 30s to memorize all three sets of numbers.

It is so amazing a feat that his Heguru teacher said that in her teaching career here, my son was only the 4th student to ever achieve this!


So proud. Really I am.

Now take a look and try it for yourself.

Take all the time you need to try and memorize it.

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