Sunday, January 13, 2019

Magic 8 Ball Prediction For 2019

I admit I was a bit bummed out that the first 2019 zodiac forecast I read predicted a rather lousy year for me. One filled with sickness, unluckiness, loss of wealth etc, even a potential car accident (so specific!). Although generally I try not to believe in these things, I was on the lookout for some alternative sources since it really can't be all that bad.

In fact I actually blogged about it while covering my 2019 resolutions.

Last week I found another one that instead gave the Year of the Pig a much more positive forecast for me. It was lucky all round, except that I MIGHT strike a mega windfall and if so, I have to be wary of potential lawsuits if I flaunted it (again so specific!)

Anyway I always happened to be in Isetan the other day and chanced upon a Magic 8 ball in the games section.

So naturally, I asked "Will this be a bad year for me?"

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