Saturday, July 25, 2015

KidsStop! @ The Singapore Science Centre

So disappointed that after a fulfilled day, I accidentally overwrote all my new photos when I synced my new iPhone 6 Plus later that night :(

Anyway we were at The Singapore Science Centre yesterday to check out one of its latest offerings. KidsStop! Is like a mega playground that filled with educational activities for kids 8yrs and below. 

There were a lot of interactive stations and hands-on things to do which was great. The kids loved it!

Since I don't have the benefit of posting pictures, let me see if I can recall much of it in words:

- There was a construction site station allowing kids to dress as construction workers and move fake bags of cement around. It also let you move a crane that picked up balls which was quite cool.

- There was a grocery store station where it simulated a grocery store and kids could role play as if they were customers or grocers and they could check out their items as well.

- There was an aircraft cockpit and mini planetarium to show the stars.

- There was a dinosaur fossil excavation site where the kids basically played with sand in an aircon setting. Pretty easy to manage I must say.

- There was a media room where kids could record themselves singing or performing to kids' songs and then watch themselves. It also came with a simulator that made you feel like you were in a car chase or chased by a dinosaur.

- There was a hanging climbing structure where kids could climb some three stories up and at the top was a music room. Not many kids made it to the top though.

There's much more little nooks and crannies for kids to play at but the above are the main stations.

Then we also watch this short film called "Back To The Moon For Good" which was nothing more than a lame-ass advert for Google's LunarX Program about sending a rover into space and onto the moon, plus move a distance of 500m.

All in all a great day for the kids! 

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