Wednesday, July 29, 2015

En Bloc Potential Or Not

This old condo I live in now has got tons of old folks. I hear that a lot of them have even lived here since day one, back in the seventies when this place was still a HUDC.

The oldies are very nice and friendly. Many a times if you're stuck in the lift with one of them, they'd be the first to initiate some form of polite conversation. It's very informal.

Yet this begs the question.

When you're already so old, chances are you won't want to move out of this place no matter how much money some cash-rich developer could pay you right? Home is where the heart is and these people have lived here all their lives, their comforts are all here. What would abit more money do for them? Money cannot buy the familiarity of this place they've lived so long, nor can it buy the old neighbours and friends they've grown to know and grow up with? Heck many of them have even seen their friends kids grow up and move out.

So what en bloc potential are we talking about afterall? 

The vote will never come to pass in this old town. Probably over their dead bodies.

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