Friday, July 24, 2015

Fatherhood Reflections XII

The kids are growing so much faster now.

Right now they're at that age where they are self-sufficient, aware of what is going on around them, and have feelings. They can talk with alot of sense too.

They are alot more understanding as well, so it is very easy to talk to them these days, even though I still take on the fierce role of having to beat them once in a while still.

Right now I try to give an air of non-chalence in front of them, trying my best not to show like my whole world revolves around them. It is not easy, and it is necessary to prevent them from growing to be part of the strawberry generation.

The boy is quite sensitive and can relay his feelings well. He is very obedient most times and can be rationalized with. He tends to be very timid though, and is easily pushed around. Particularly by his sister. Haha. Nonetheless he's very entertaining to have around. I wonder what type of professional position would suit his personality? A doctor perhaps?

The girl is also rather sensitive and at the tender age of 3, is almost as tall as the boy and very good at relaying her feelings too. She is more stubborn and definitely more assertive. She is also decisive and shows a level of maturity far, far beyond her little age. Very entertaining. I can picture her growing up to be in some sort of leadership position in the future.

To many more years of happiness with the kids! Or what's left of it!

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