Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Passive Income

Lately alot of successful REIT investors are touting their high passive returns.

From the dividend warrior who has generated some 6+% returns YoY on his 200K portfolio, to the blogger who currently lives on 5K passive income and a fairly modest paycheck (5K as well).

These guys are achieving what I myself hope to achieve in time.

The key caveat to all these feel-good stories is the simple fact that passive investing and value investing is a long term thing, and returns are not guaranteed and will fluctuate according to market conditions.

Yet with the right financial acumen and knowledge, one can really reduce the risks of volatility on one's stock portfolio.

REITs may be high yielding but once interest rates rise, they may be the first to suffer due to their high gearing.

Everyone is already expecting some form of tapering from the US FED either in Dec or Mar of next year. Add to that another potential US shutdown looming in mid Jan. It all makes the current market surge look quite irrational.

But then we all know that the market can remain irrational for far longer than you have capital, right?

Be safe out there.

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