Monday, November 25, 2013

Cardiff City 2 Manchester United 2

Heartbreak. Really wasted not getting the 3pts with a last minute concession.

1) Poor And Scrappy Play
Coming after an International weekend and going away to Wales, you kinda get the feeling the play will not be top notch. But some of the levels of play at times during the game was worse than Championship football. Januzaj, Hernandez, Cleverly were playing particularly poorly.

2) Long Injury List
We were missing five guaranteed starters. RVP, Carrick, Vidic, Jones and Rafael. All crucial elements. Add to that Kagawa and Nani weren't available as well. This will be a tough run of games for us with so many guys out.

3) Fellaini And Smalling Shine
This will split opinions. With the long injury list, it was a chance for the fringe players to stamp some authority. Smalling isn't a natural RB but has done very well defensively. What's lacking is his offense in that position. Fellaini was finally beginning to show some semblance of his Everton days. Could've been better with his distribution but still overall better than most times I've seen him all season.

Not much else in last night's ho-hum game. Hopefully we start winning matches again soon. Last night was definitely 2 precious points lost.


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