Monday, November 11, 2013

Manchester United 1 Arsenal 0

Wow. What a difference one big win makes. Haven't felt this confident this season until last night. Quite possibly our best performance in the David Moyes era.

1) Solid All-round Performance
For once if asked to pick a terrible performer, it would be a little difficult. Everyone ran their serious tense socks off. If there was one downer, it was that Kagawa failed to impress when given the start. More on that in a bit.

2) Phil Jones DA MONSTER
It's funny that people don't rate him as highly as some other stars we have. This guy is such a monster playing DMF. Even after he shifted back to CB due to Vidic's injury, he was still such a pillar. He plays so darn at DMF that Fellaini has to settle for the bench. Truly a joy to watch his boundless energy and strength. So strong and brave that even the opponents get scared. One particular incident inthe first half summed it up: he challenged for a header and clashed heads with Arsenal's keeper in the 2nd half. Result: the keeper was knocked out cold, while Jones was just scratching his head.

3) Rooney The Workhorse
You can't deny that Rooney didn't have his best game last night. He was lookin rusty and his first and second touches were quite poor. But as the game wore on, whatever he lacked in simple control, he made it up with his boundless running. Even till the 90th minute, he was runnin box to box harrying and hounding. This guy is slowly but surely winning himself back into the fans' hearts. Hopefully more of such to come.

4) Van Persie The Inspired
Someone or something really got to him pre-match and he really played like he was possessed. Haven't seen that since Moyes took over. His goal was sublime and showed why he's our main man up front. His celebration was surprising, but respect cuts both ways and maybe it was the Arsenal fans that got to him. Still, no matter, an inspired RVP is simply unplayable on the night.

5) Kagawa Conundrum 
Say what you like, I really love Kagawa for being Asian and being at my club, but the truth has to be said. If there was a player I would say didn't do so well last night, it would be him. Saw very little of the ball, defensive work always needed cover and had very little influence. End of the day there is no need to move heaven and earth for any one player and if Kagawa cannot fit into the David Moyes system, then so be it. Sell him and I'll wish him all the very best. I still wished he'd succeed at Man United but from last night's performance, it sure isn't looking too bright.

So, suddenly we are only 5pts off the top in 5th place with all to play for. Haven't felt so confident this season till now. Let's win some trophies now!


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