Sunday, October 06, 2013

Sunderland 1 Manchester United 2

Wow. What can I say? Relieved? Crisis averted? Whatever that was, at least everyone's happy, for now.

1) Brief Respite
When we went into halftime 1-0 down, I really feared the worst. If we lost to the bottom club in the league, we'd have been in crisis mode. We played alot better in the 2nd half and deserved our win. Now we need to follow up on this performance.

2) Adnan Januzaj
Remember the name. This 18yr-old is our future. He's already looked really good in his substitute appearances, but his two goals today showed what he can give us for years to come. Just spectacular stuff. Let's just hope we tie him down to the club soon. Apparently his context situation isn't looking very good.

3) The Good
Our pressing and determination to fight back was such a joy to watch compared to the past few games. Nani needs to find his scoring boots but he was our liveliest in the first half when we looked lost. Carrick and Cleverly had a good game, especially in the second half, with Cleverly looking particularly motivated by the challenge of Fellaini for his position. Phil Jones was monster in defence, and DDG literally saved the game for us with a spectacular save early in the game when we were a goal down. I even felt Welbz as a substitute was effective.

4) The Bad
Unfortunately the game was marred by below par or so-so performances which definitely could have been far better. and no surprises that these were the same players who had a stellar previous season. Maybe still not accustomed to the new manager. RVP, Evra, Rafael all guilty. Rooney had a bad game by his standards. Hopefully they wake up their ideas soon.

5) The Ugly
I love Vidic too much to really slate him, but last night was really quite a blot for him. Rash challenges, mis-kicks and the free gift of a goal for Sunderland. I still think he's got at least two good seasons in him and hopefully this was a one off. But last night he got owned by Jozy Altidore, and it was only after a switch with Jones to mark him that things turned around. Valencia also looks ineffective coming on as a sub. Even worse is the fate of Kagawa and Hernandez. Things really don't look good for them when Moyes cannot find any chances for them on the pitch. Probably going to be sold in January or next season.

Still it was a good outing and the crisis has been averted. Something therapeutic for all United fans.

Let's keep this run going! Onwards and upwards!


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