Sunday, October 20, 2013

Manchester United 1 Southampton 1

What a frustrating game. It just seemed like a matter of time before Southampton equalized and sure enough they waited till the 89th minute to do it.

1) Adnan Our Newest Superstar
The boy just signed a 5yr contract. He was one of the brightest sparks on the pitch. Hopefully he takes us to new heights.

2) The Good
RVP, Adnan, Carrick, Jones, DDG, Evans and Evra all had a good game. Also Rooney and RVP actually hit the crossbar. If we had actually scored those, we would have run away with the game already.

3) The Bad
Nani and Fellaini in particular were quite terrible. Nani was anonymous while Fellaini just looks like a destroyer at best, couldn't pass the ball to save his life.

4) The Ugly/Subs
Its amazing how the substitutions could screw the game upside down. Welbz for Fellaini, Giggs for Nani, Smalling for Rooney. All three let the team down to a certain extent. Welbz was guilty of wastefulness and ball-watching. Giggs just doesn't belong on the pitch anymore. Smalling in meant Southampton owned the midfield with Rooney out. All contrived to contribute to that late, late equalizer.

5) Maybe Southampton Will Own The Top Six?
They beat Liverpool at home and now have drawn us at home. Credit to them that they played very well and might even have won. There is the possibility that they can beat all the top teams on their day. But for the late goal leaving a bad taste, maybe the end result isn't as bad if we can win our next three games which are all at home. Maybe I'm just in self-consolation mode?

Still sucky feeling. All the Moyes-out people are having a field day.


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