Sunday, October 27, 2013

Manchester United 3 Stoke City 2

Good comeback win. Hopefully this form continues.

1) Our Defence Is Crap
Just when you think the Jones-Evans pairing is our best, they prove us wrong. Both goals were probably attributed to either of them. Our wing backs were terrible as well. Smalling just isn't a RB and Evra is constantly guilty of ball watching.

2) Our Attack Is Getting Better
I think it was important that all our scorers were our strikers. They need the confidence that comes with scoring and they showed their pedigree. Particularly for RVP and Chicharito who look shaky this season after SAF retired. Rooney is playing well thanks to SAF retiring though.

3) Moyes Losing His Prudence?
After last weekend's heartbreaking draw to Southampton at the final minutes, caused by Moyes humji prudence of trying to preserve a 1-0 lead, this game he went for the jugular. The subs were far more offensive and that made all the difference. Tony V, Chicharito and Januzaj all contributed greatly to the comeback.

4) DDG Is World-class
It's amazing how little credit he receives Ben though it is widely acknowledged that he's really good. Some of his saves today were out of this world, and the two that were conceded were the only two shots he could do nothing about. We will need him to maintain this form if we are going to make a push for the top four this season.

5) 2nd Win On The Trot
Hopefully we can string a run together. Many of the games so far it has seemed as though some players aren't interested to play for Moyes. As a manager that is something he needs to sort out quickly. If he can do that and get his substitutions right every game, then we can dream about winning consistently and winning championships.


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