Saturday, May 25, 2013

Parkway Parade

Been coming here since I was a kid.

From the old days when there was Yaohan, Isetan, Toys'r'us, plus the old Marine Parade library, Popular Bookstore and Republic theatre in the vicinity.

Then the Best Denki vs Harvey Norman opposite-each-other battlefield, Giant supermarket, Borders, Banquet and other newer players.

Till today with Uniqlo, True Fitness, Marks & Spencer, all the refurbished bank branches, and many others.

Many have come and many gone.

You could say much has changed or little has changed. Either way's debatable. But one thing for certain is that the East Coast crowd is still thronging this place 25yrs on since I moved to these parts.

Still serves as the major hangout joint for many an East-side student. You almost cannot call yourself an East-side kid if you never spent a significant portion of your growing-up years hanging out here.

The secondary school days were most memorable when this place was one of my favourite haunts. We have alot of history, me and this place.

From coming here for tuition, studying alone in McDonald's, sneaking off to Circus Circus the arcade, doing research in the old library, to going for fitness classes, to paktor-ing with my girlfriend and now wifey, to my Sunday lunch routine at Roxy, to bumping into old friends everytime I'm here.

So much history.

Long may it continue to draw the crowds.

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