Monday, May 13, 2013

Manchester United 2 Swansea 1

And so the final home game of Sir Alex Ferguson's reign came and went.

The game was pretty blah. Luckily Rio Ferdinand managed to score late in the game to add significance to the event.

Aside from a terrific performance by Phil Jones, there wasn't that much to crow about. It seemed like everyone was looking forward to the party afterwards.

I will definitely miss Paul Scholes. That guy is a 100% role model.

I will miss SAF. Greatest manager ever. Nuff said.

I hope we see the end of Rooney, and I hope he fails miserably in wherever he goes to. This guy has taken for a ride once and he's doing it again. I mean how more intentional can you be trying to steal the limelight with a transfer request weeks before the retirement of the greatest manager of all time? Never really forgave him the first time in 2010, so I'll be happy to see the back of him.

I don't think we'll see Nani next season either. His handshake with SAF was somewhat cold. he's an immense talent but frustrating more of the time.

SAF says support David Moyes and get behind him! That I will definitely do.

It's funny how I thought I'd be more overwhelmed with emotion by the occasion, but maybe the early announcement ( thank goodness he did announce it AFTER this match which was his original plan!!!) and the whole handling of the matter by MU's well oiled PR machine kind of eased the pain.

I am instead looking forward to David Moyes' appointment and am excited for next season.

But I'll never forget Sir Alex Ferguson.

He who gave us the Fledglings, Fergie time (+7min), chewing excessive gum, working hard and digging in, never give up attitude, defying "you'll never win with kids", trusting in youth, form is temporary, class is permanent, those great great great comebacks, 1999, saying "there's no doubt about it", saying "if you told me XX would happen before the game, I would have bitten your hand off!", and so many more.

I can never thank him enough, and I cannot either.




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