Saturday, January 07, 2012

A Tribute To Nanny

My mom's childhood nanny passed away yesterday.

She was going on 86.

Nanny started working for my grandma in Ipoh when she was in her late teens. She was from China and really was one of those ma jie permanent helpers or house servants who dedicated their lives serving a single family. And the reason she came so far to do all this was the hope of providing a better life for her family back home, through the repatriation of funds, working even till her dying days.

She helped my grandma bring up my mom and her seven other siblings, right from birth. She cared for them, grew with them and guided each of them along life's journey. Slowly, each one of my mom's siblings got married and moved out of the family home. When there wasn't much for her to do thereafter, she went on to take care of my mom's second sister's family, and helped raise her three kids, the same way she raised their mother. Along the way, she still afforded to shower her love, care and concern upon the entire extended family as it grew another generation.

I remember how she used to take care of us kids when we were young and I travelled up to Malaysia to spend the holidays with my cousins. With all the sacrifices she had made in her life, she also became a part of the family.

I feel sad to hear of her passing, and hence this post is dedicated in her memory.

Ah Por, may you rest in peace.

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