Saturday, January 28, 2012

Liverpool 2 Manchester United 1

Some reactions.

1. There is no shame in losing valiantly. Overall we played a pretty good game although we lost the two goals to individual errors. We can't say we deserved to lose, and Liverpool got lucky somewhat.
2. De Gea was responsible for the first goal and several other crummy errors. He really should remain as second choice this season.
3. Park Ji Sung's goal was great and I thought we'd have sewn up the game from there.
4. We have Scholes and Giggs running the 5-man midfield which worked wonders, but somehow everyone could tell they weren't going to last past the 70min mark. That Giggs was still on the field on 90min was IMHO a tactical error.
5. Speaking of tactics, Dalglish got his substitutions right this time. Once the 'Pool subs came on and Scholes came off, we were on the back foot thereafter.
6. As much as I like Welbeck, he wasn't very effective this game. Hernandez and Berbatov should have replaced him in the later stages.
7. Evra had a tough game being booed each time he touched the ball. Plus he was culpable for the 2nd goal. But all that considered, he still had a pretty good game.
8. Tony V is still on fire at the moment. Just unlucky. Had he got that goal early on instead of hitting the post, things might have turned out different.
9. Special mention to Smalling, Evans and Rafael. They all had a good game and could hardly fault their performance tonight,
10. All in all it's only the FA Cup 4th Round, we honestly could do without so many games given the injuries we have got. Better to focus on bringing back number20 and the Europa Cup. I don't feel that lousy after the game after all.


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