Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Punggol Promenade Futsal

I need to document all my exercise now just to motivate myself. How sad is that?

Played a decent two hour session of futsal in the new futsal facility in Punggol.

Nice to still be able to cut it on the pitch after such a long hiatus.

No broken ankle, torn knee ligaments, sore back is gonna stop me. I can't kick as hard as I used to but I think I still do pretty well as a holding or defensive midfielder. As they always say, as you grow older, soccer is more about vision and movement rather than speed and strength.

Keeps you alive on the pitch for a longer period.

The facility is run by Sports Planet, the same guys who run the East Coast futsal courts.

Hopefully we can get something regularly organized.

It's nice to have such a nice facility just a 3min drive away and so many friends living nearby coming together again. What better way to catchup?

Heck, maybe next time I'll jog to the futsal courts instead. That's what some of the others are actually doing! Either cycling or jogging just to 'warm down'.


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