Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manchester United 1 Newcastle 1

I'm thankful to have Mio TV at home and can catch every match. Last night's game felt terrible. Definitely 2 points lost there.

1. Admittedly we were rather lucky with Chicharito's goal, but since we were dominating proceedings, it looked like a matter of time something went in.
2. Tim Krul was possessed. He had a heroic showing as keeper.
3. The penalty was absolute BS. Referee had already blown for a corner but after consultation with the linesman, gave the penalty instead. Replays showed that Rio's tackle was clean.
4. With 20 minutes to go, and Newcastle defending for their lives, they really rode their luck with Danny Simpson clearing off the line, Ashley Young hitting the post, Chicharito's effort ruled offside and most importantly Tim Krul saving everything we threw at him. And even when he didn't try, he was still in the way of one Vidic power header that seemed a certain goal.
5. Chicharito's offside goal should have stood. It was a borderline decision.
6. Hoping Man City loses to Liverpool tonight at Anfield,
7. We got more points this season than at the same point last season.
8. It's not all doom and gloom. Our attacking verve seems to have returned especially our passing in the opponent's half. If we keep playing like this we'll have little to worry about.
9. Am surprised Berbatov wasn't on the bench.
10. MOTM for me was Giggs and Carrick. Good midfield play, now we need some consistency.
11. De Gea made some good saves himself.
12. Rio and Vidic are looking evergreen. Hope the partnership can last.
13. Fabio was playing too recklessly, yet there was a spritely adventure about him that helped make things happen while the old birds seemed more conservative.
14. Evra wasn't at his marauding best.
15. Nani and Young were unusually subdued by their standards.
16. Rooney should stick to what he does best. Attacking and scoring, not trying to spray Hollywood long balls.
17. Can't fault Chicharito for not trying, the guy gets into really good positions all the time. Just unlucky not to have tapped in a few more balls.
18. Park should have been playing this game instead of Nani.
19. Ando out until Feb means we really should buy a midfielder in Jan.
20. Only Smalling's and Rafael's return left to look forward to, and the first team should be more stabilized.

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