Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I think alot of Singaporeans underappreciate our own driving patience.

Sure we have the occasional road-rage incidences, but did you know that we have the quietest roads in South East Asia?

People here just don't honk their horns unless someone abruptly cuts into their lane or someone in front is driving too slow.

Elsewhere in the region, if you don't honk your horn you don't move at all man!

I was in Jakarta the other day and the exit out of the hotel was right onto the Jalan Tamrin roundabout. Basically after honking and inching for 10mins, our taxi only managed to turn OUT of the hotel!

If your horn is broken you ain't gonna move, simple as that. Same in Bangkok and Manila. Plus over there you honk not just to warn the cars around you but also telling the street hawkers knocking on your car windows to FO!

Singaporeans just don't know how lucky a bunch we are sometimes.

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