Thursday, July 09, 2009

Passed IPPT

Once again this blog is brought to you via my BB Storm. Damn amazing that I'm able to blog while standing in the train heading to work. That's how far we've come from a technological perspective, that even me, a several seasons late gadget user (geez, I just found out that this keypad has no hyphen) is doing something like this. Think I first read about the prevalence of blogging on the move some 2years ago in either Korea or Japan. Still. Wow.

Anyway, last night took IPPT and almost died. Here are the stats for records sakes:

Standing Broad Jump
234cm 4pts
Sit Up
37 4pts
Pull Up
5 2pts
Shuttle Run
9.9s 5pts
2.4km Run
11.43min 4pts

In all didn't get the silver thanks to my lousy pull ups. But at least get the $100 bonus.

Ok, look at how fast time flies. Reached Chinatown station liao.

Achy all over.

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