Sunday, October 12, 2008

Now I'm REALLY Married

The wedding came and went and went well it did! So happy its over!

That's a whole lot of pressure off our shoulders and now we can get on with our peaceful lives and concentrate on building our family empire!

I'd like to thank everyone who came and everyone who helped make it all so successful. Really appreciate all your combined efforts, it really means alot to us both.

On a whole, the wedding went really well. The only notable screw-up was the wifey's microphone during our surprise song item (which she got really upset over), but aside from that it all went superbly to schedule. Even the weather was perfect with clear blues skies all day. Great speech from Jinde (really appreciated that one) too and great gathering of friends all round. Even my brudders and her sisters got along so well it scared me *shudder*

Our wedding reception was one of the most crowded receptions I've seen, maybe because everyone came earlier than we expected, and the overall food was well received (aside from the hard fish).

Didn't get the chance to drink as much as and with as many people as I would've liked to due to time constraints so I gotta apologize for that. I'll make it up to those of you some other day.

Its Redang for our honeymoon next! Leaving tonight...

Thanks once again to everyone!!!

Above was one of the pictures taken by Xiaohui at our home during the day itself. This was the infamous picture which included two HUGE mosquitoes on my wifey's arm (one smack right on the armpit!) which was very well photoshopped away. Haha, let me know if you want the contact of our bridal studio, photographer or videographer.


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