Monday, March 24, 2008

Manchester United 3, Liverpool 0

Caught the match at Sembawang S21 kopitiam. Damn shiok. Feels damn shiok. Yet again, the scorer that made the difference wasn't Ronaldo, Rooney or Tevez. Wes Brown's first goal of the season and 3rd goal of his career, which came off his head/neck/shoulder started the ball rolling. Of course we gotta thank Mr Mascherano for his dissentful display, a red card we all saw coming. Go Manyoo!!!!

Read match report here.

Otherwise it was a nice quiet weekend and a good Easter holiday to rest abit.

An update on my tank. Its getting very green with the hydrillas and arrowheads growing very well. Both my Bumble Bees died for no apparent reason, so I buried them in the sand to be fertilizer for my plants. There are 9 (at last count) baby guppies hiding in my plants. Just got myself a cute little Puffer fish. Snails are infesting my tank (which is supposed to be a good thing).

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